16 Signs You Are Falling Out of Love and How to Rectify It

Love is like a big, complicated picture made up of many different parts. Like any big picture, there are parts that are hard to figure out. As someone who has helped many people sort through these tricky parts, I can promise you, you’re not alone. Many people have a hard time understanding their feelings in relationships.

One big worry many people have is falling out of love. It feels like all the excitement in your relationship is fading away, making everything seem dull. But let me tell you, and it’s more common than you think. It’s a problem that many couples face at some point.

Feeling like you’re losing your emotional bond with your partner can be upsetting. You might start questioning your feelings, your relationship, and even yourself. But from my experience, it’s not always the end. It’s a time that calls for some deep thinking and maybe some changes.

It’s important to remember that falling out of love doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. Nor does it mean the love you had before was fake. It’s just a sign that your relationship is changing, and maybe you need to think about what you expect and want from love.

The good news is, recognizing these feelings is the first step to fixing things. Being aware of yourself is a strong tool; I’m here to help you use it correctly. We can get through this tough time together. Remember, the journey of love isn’t always a straight path. It’s about learning to keep going even when times are hard.

So, if you’re feeling stuck, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Together, we can find our way back to the love that seems hard to find now.

There are many signs which shows that you’re falling out of love
There are many signs which shows that you’re falling out of love

List of Signs That You’re Falling Out of Love

Sign 1: Absence of Excitement

Remember those days when the mere sound of their key in the door made your heart race? Now, it seems just like any other noise – devoid of magic. This loss of excitement can be a key indicator that you’re falling out of love. It’s as if the colors are fading from your romantic canvas, leaving behind a lackluster black and white.

Sign 2: Annoyance Outweighs Affection

Picture this: their endearing quirks that once brought a smile to your face are now causing furrowed brows. Their laughter, which was your favorite melody, now irks you. This tipping of the scales, where annoyance starts outweighing affection, is a noteworthy sign you’re falling out of love.

Sign 3: Reduced Communication

Are your conversations turning into mere exchanges of pleasantries? Is silence becoming a more comfortable option than engaging in heartfelt discussions? When communication reduces, it often signals that you’re falling out of love. Your connection seems to be thinning out, replaced by an unsettling void.

Sign 4: Averted Eye Contact

Can’t hold your partner’s gaze like you used to? If looking into their eyes no longer feels like peering into their soul, it could hint at a dwindling emotional connection. It’s as if a veil has dropped, blocking that once-deep understanding.

Sign 5: Diminished Affection

If your once electrifying touch has become mundane, or if your longing glances have turned indifferent, it’s a sign that your love is fading. Physical closeness often reflects emotional connectivity, and its decline can indicate you’re falling out of love.

Sign 6: You Avoid Spending Time Together

Does the thought of spending time together fill you with dread? If your shared moments are turning into a chore, it’s a possible sign you’re falling out of love. Your ‘we’ moments are morphing into ‘me’ time, which might indicate deeper issues.

Sign 7: Future Plans Exclude Them

Do your future dreams and aspirations no longer feature your partner? If your thoughts are drifting towards a solo journey, it suggests you might be subconsciously preparing for a life without them, signaling you’re falling out of love.

Sign 8: Frequent Arguments

Do constant arguments mar your peaceful moments? Petty disagreements growing into larger conflicts may hint at diminished feelings. Your harmonious symphony seems to be turning discordant, indicating you’re falling out of love.

Sign 9: Unresolved Differences

Do the differences between you two remain etched in stone, with no resolution in sight? This could suggest a declining willingness to compromise and understand, which might signify falling out of love.

Sign 10: Lack of Interest in Their Life

Are you finding yourself increasingly disinterested in your partner’s daily activities? If their life seems uninteresting to you, it might be a sign your feelings are dwindling. Your interest in their world appears to be waning, another indicator of falling out of love.

When you are falling out of love you are no longer their priority
When you are falling out of love you are no longer their priority

Sign 11: You Envision a Different Partner

Are your daydreams painting a picture with someone else in your partner’s place? If yes, it’s a clear sign that you must reflect on your feelings for your current partner.

Sign 12: Lessened Emotional Support

Is providing emotional support to your partner turning into a burden? If so, this could be a sign you’re falling out of love. Their emotional well-being seems to be slipping down your priority list, raising a red flag.

Sign 13: Lacking Trust

Are you second-guessing their actions or words? Trust is the very foundation of love. The whole relationship might follow if it begins to crumble, indicating you’re falling out of love.

Sign 14: No Longer Their Priority

Do your actions reflect that your partner isn’t your priority anymore? If so, it’s a probable sign that your feelings for them are starting to fade. Your partner seems to be slipping from the top of your priority list, suggesting you’re falling out of love.

Sign 15: Their Flaws Overpower Their Strengths

Are their flaws overshadowing their strengths? When you’re falling out of love, their imperfections start looming larger than their virtues. Your once rose-tinted glasses seem to be replaced by a less forgiving lens.

Sign 16: Feeling Drained Instead of Energized

Do you feel emotionally or physically drained after spending time with your partner? If so, this could be a sign you’re falling out of love. Love is supposed to energize us and fill us with joy, warmth, and comfort. It’s a bond that strengthens us when we’re tired, not one that saps our energy.

It might be a sign that your love is ebbing away if you’re constantly feeling exhausted. You may find yourself feeling weary not just physically but emotionally and mentally too. Always remember love should not be a burden but a source of inspiration and energy. When it becomes a drain, it’s time to sit back and evaluate your relationship.

There are many real-life examples of falling out of love among our friends
There are many real-life examples of falling out of love among our friends

Real-Life Examples of Falling Out of Love

One particular couple that I remember, let’s call them Couple A, had been married for a good ten years. They used to be each other’s world, but lately, things have shifted. They had hit several of the signs that we’ve discussed. Curt exchanges had replaced their once captivating conversations, an obvious case of reduced communication (Sign 3). It had come to a point where they preferred silence over a chat.

Their shared moments had become sparse; they seemed to avoid time together (Sign 6). Their ‘us’ time had dwindled drastically. The wife found more solace in her book club and the husband in his garage.

Another couple, Couple B, had different issues. The husband admitted to envisioning a life with a different partner (Sign 11), even though he had a loving wife. This daydreaming was a warning bell that his feelings were changing.

The wife from Couple B confessed that she had started to see more of her husband’s flaws than his strengths (Sign 15). Even his most endearing habits now irked her. These small yet significant changes had overshadowed their relationship.

Through these real-life examples, you can see how subtle yet evident these signs can be. Recognizing them early can aid in rectifying the situation, so let’s move on to the rest of our list.

Ways to Rectify the Problem

Recognizing that you’re falling out of love can be distressing. But fear not, for all is not lost. As an experienced counselor, I’ve seen many couples navigate these choppy waters successfully. Here are some effective strategies to rekindle your lost love.

Step 1: Communication is Key

Open, honest communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. If you’ve identified that you’re falling out of love, speak about it with your partner. Remember, it’s essential to approach this conversation with empathy and patience.

Step 2: Revisit Shared Memories

Take a walk down memory lane. Reminiscing about the good old times can often stir up dormant feelings. It can remind you why you fell in love in the first place, helping you reconnect with those emotions.

Step 3: Show Appreciation

Appreciating each other’s efforts can do wonders. A simple ‘thank you’ or a compliment can reignite the warmth in your relationship. Recognizing and expressing gratitude for the small things can make a big difference.

Step 4: Cultivate Individual Growth

In the journey of love, it’s crucial to remember your individual selves too. Healthy relationships thrive when both partners grow individually. Take up a new hobby, focus on your career, or spend time with friends. This personal growth can rekindle attraction and keep the spark alive in your relationship. Remember, two whole individuals make a healthy relationship.

Step 5: Spend Quality Time Together

Invest time in each other. Do things you both love. Shared experiences can help reconnect and strengthen your bond. It could be as simple as cooking together, going for a walk, or watching a movie.

Step 6: Practice Forgiveness

Grudges can be heavy baggage in the journey of love. If past disagreements or mistakes are weighing you down, it’s time to practice forgiveness. Letting go of past resentments can usher in a fresh start.

Falling out of love doesn't signify the end of your relationship
Falling out of love doesn’t signify the end of your relationship

Step 7: Be Patient

Remember, falling in love didn’t happen in a day, and falling back in love won’t either. Patience is crucial in this process. Take one day at a time and appreciate the small improvements along the way.

Step 8: Seek Professional Help

Therapy is a constructive avenue to explore, especially when it’s tough to navigate the situation by yourselves. As a counselor, I’ve seen couples unearth profound insights about their relationships in therapy. It can help both to uncover buried emotions, reconcile differences, and even rekindle your love.


It’s crucial to emphasize that falling out of love, while distressing, is not a dead-end. It’s more like a winding path, a detour in your journey of love. This experience, as painful as it might seem, is more common than one might think. It’s an aspect of human nature and signals the need to stop, reflect, and change course in our relationships.

Awareness of this shift in emotions, acknowledging it, and understanding the signs are your first strides towards turning things around. There are various paths to explore – rediscovering shared hobbies, reigniting the spark of conversations, or rekindling the flame of physical intimacy. These are just a few ways to bring back your relationship vibrancy.

Take heart in the fact that you are far from alone in this. As someone who has guided many couples through these murky waters, I can assure you that it’s a stage many navigate successfully. It does require patience, understanding, and a conscious effort from both parties, but the result can be a deeper, stronger bond that withstands the test of time.

So, if you’re in the midst of this challenge, don’t despair. There’s always a way back to the love you believe you’ve lost. It might not be an easy journey, but with resilience and dedication, it’s entirely possible to rekindle those feelings of love and affection. And remember, even the most beautiful gardens need regular tending to stay lush and vibrant, so does love.

In essence, falling out of love doesn’t signify the end of your relationship. On the contrary, it could be the beginning of a new chapter that’s more understanding, compassionate, and in tune with each other’s needs. So, take heart, take action, and remember – love might be complex, but it’s a puzzle we can solve together.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are Some Indications I Might Be Falling Out of Love?

Signs can include feeling emotionally distant, a decrease in physical attraction, a lack of interest in spending time together, finding more faults than qualities, and not seeing a future with your partner.

If We’re Arguing More, Could That Mean I’m Falling Out of Love?

While arguments are common in relationships, a constant stream of arguments or an indifference to their outcomes can be a sign of deeper issues, possibly that you’re falling out of love.

Is Not Seeing a Future with My Partner a Sign I’m Falling Out of Love?

If you have trouble picturing a future with your partner, it could indicate that your feelings have changed. Not being able to envision them in your life plans might mean you’re falling out of love.

Can Constant Criticism Be a Sign of Falling Out of Love?

Yes, if you’re constantly finding faults in your partner and the good aspects seem overshadowed, this could indicate that your feelings for them have diminished.

Does Feeling Happier Alone Indicate Falling Out of Love?

It might be a sign that you’re falling out of love if you consistently feel happier or more at peace when you’re not with your partner. A strong relationship typically enhances your happiness, not detracts from it.

If I’m Comparing My Partner to Others, Am I Falling Out of Love?

Frequently comparing your partner unfavorably to others could be a sign that you’re dissatisfied with the relationship and potentially falling out of love. However, the occasional comparison is normal and doesn’t necessarily indicate dwindling feelings.

Is Ignoring My Partner’s Calls or Messages a Sign of Falling Out of Love?

If you find yourself frequently ignoring your partner’s calls or messages without any valid reason, it might indicate a decrease in interest or affection, which could suggest you’re falling out of love. However, remember that everyone needs personal space at times, so the occasional need for solitude shouldn’t be a cause for alarm.