How to Tell a Guy That I Like Him in 25 Ways

Ever been in a situation where your heart throbs for someone, but expressing it seems like an impossible task? That special someone who sets your heart on a fluttering frenzy and makes your knees weak, yet you can’t muster the courage to say, “I like him!” Well, darling, you’re not alone.

With many moons under my belt, I’ve been privy to the beautiful yet daunting process of opening one’s heart. The experience often feels like walking a tightrope – fraught with fears of being misinterpreted or rejected. 

However, fear not! Today, I share a list of well-curated and unusual methods to tell a guy you like him. These aren’t your average run-of-the-mill techniques but some exquisite strategies that will make him notice your feelings.

The road to expressing one’s feelings can be quite bumpy, but with these 25 ways, I promise it will become a scenic journey. So, buckle up, put on your brave face, and let’s embark on this journey of love together. Here’s to the butterflies in your stomach, to the courage, and to saying “I like him” with conviction and charm.

Ever been in a situation where your heart throbs for someone
Ever been in a situation where your heart throbs for someone

Express Through Art

Art has the inherent power to mirror our deepest feelings. If you possess an artistic flair, let it take the lead. Dabble with colors and let your canvas confess your feelings. Sketch his portrait or create a work of art that symbolizes him or your feelings towards him. Maybe you love writing? Compose a poem or a song that echoes your emotions for him, and allow your words to articulate subtly.

This method isn’t just a creative way to express your feelings but also a deeply personal one. The masterpiece you create will always remind you of the feelings you harbor for him.

An Unexpected Compliment

Compliments have a certain magic to them, especially when they’re unexpected and sincere. They have the power to touch hearts. Discuss his admirable qualities, appreciate his unique style, or simply tell him how he lights up your day. 

Notice the little things about him that others might miss. Remember, the magic isn’t in showering him with flattery but acknowledging his genuine qualities with authenticity. It’s a beautifully simple way to say, “I like him.”

Harness the Power of Touch

When spoken with respect and decency, the language of touch can convey feelings words often fail to capture. A casual pat on the back during a shared laugh, a comforting hand on the shoulder when he’s down, or a quick hug to say goodbye can speak volumes about your feelings. It’s an unspoken yet powerful way to convey that you’re comfortable with him and that you care for him.

Show Interest in His Interests

Emotions aren’t just expressed through grand gestures but are often found in shared interests and hobbies. Delve into his world; understand what excites and keeps him engaged. Is he a sports enthusiast? Join him for a game. Does he love photography? Ask him about his favorite shots and perhaps request a few tips. This isn’t just about pretending to like what he likes but about taking a genuine interest in his world. It shows you care and wants to be part of his life.

Share Your Vulnerabilities

Sharing vulnerabilities is like sharing a piece of your heart – raw and intimate. When you confide in him and allow him to see your flaws, fears, and dreams, you’re inviting him into your inner world. It’s a brave and beautiful way to express trust, deepen your connection, and say, “I like him.”

If you like him make him feel special
If you like him make him feel special

Cook His Favorite Meal

The adage, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” might sound cliché, but there’s some truth to it. Surprise him with his favorite meal, or bake his preferred dessert. Your effort to create a meal he loves is a testament to your feelings. Plus, the shared moments around the dinner table can be filled with laughter and meaningful conversations, providing a perfect setting to hint.

Be His Rock

Life is filled with ups and downs. Being there for him during these roller coaster rides demonstrates your deep interest and concern. Show him that he can lean on you during challenging times and that you can celebrate with him in his happy moments. This connection isn’t merely about romantic feelings; it’s about friendship, trust, and support, speaking volumes about your sentiments without having to utter, I like him.

Small Gestures, Big Impacts

A fleeting smile across the room, a shared joke, a note of encouragement during his stressful days – these seemingly insignificant gestures can create significant impacts. They act as tiny sparks, slowly kindling the flame of your feelings and subtly signaling.

Engage in Deep Conversations

Deep conversations are the gateways to understanding a person’s soul. Go beyond mundane daily chats and deeply discuss dreams, aspirations, fears, and shared experiences. It shows you value him beyond the superficial, you’re genuinely interested in his thoughts, and through these conversations, you subtly express, I like him.

Remember the Little Details

Memories often lie in minute details. Remembering these small things about him can leave a big impression. Whether it’s his favorite book, first job, or pet’s name, remembering these details and bringing them up in conversations shows him you care, and you’re interested.

A Surprise Gift

Gifts are tangible representations of our feelings; when given unexpectedly, they become even more special. It doesn’t have to be expensive or grandiose. A favorite snack you noticed him eyeing at the store or a book by his favorite author can bring a smile to his face. This is a classic, time-tested method of expressing; I like him.

Always try to be his rock
Always try to be his rock

Be His Cheerleader

Supporting him in his endeavors shows that you care about his dreams and aspirations. Whether it’s a small personal goal or a significant career milestone, cheer him on. Celebrate his wins, be there when things don’t go as planned, and in all these instances, you’re subtly saying, I like him.

Listen Intently

In an age defined by instant communication and a constant onslaught of information, giving your undivided attention to someone is an increasingly rare and valuable gift. Listening is more than just hearing words; it’s about comprehending, empathizing, and responding. When he speaks, listen with all your heart.

Take note of his words, his tone, and his body language. Nod when he makes a point, laugh when he cracks a joke, and offer comfort when he shares his troubles. Ask follow-up questions, not just to keep the conversation going but to show your genuine interest. 

Show him that his thoughts matter to you and that his stories, victories, worries, and aspirations are important to you. By offering him this gift of active and attentive listening, you’re also building a stronger bond based on understanding and empathy.

Help Him Unwind

Stress is an inevitable part of life. It can come from work, family, or personal issues, and it can leave a person feeling drained, frustrated, or anxious. Recognize when he’s under pressure and help him find ways to relax. You could suggest a calming activity like meditating together, walking quietly, or just sitting in silence, enjoying each other’s company.

You can also offer a comforting word, a shoulder to lean on, or a listening ear. If he’s open to it, engage him in light-hearted conversations or fun activities that can take his mind off the stress, even if just temporarily. Your understanding, supportive presence, and willingness to help him navigate the stormy days will subtly signal that you like him.

Show Him Your World

Just as you show interest in his world, letting him peek into yours is equally important. Share your hobbies, your passion, your dreams, and even your fears. This brings him closer to your world and subtly hints at your trust in him.

Express Through Letters

In our digital age, handwritten letters have become a novelty. They carry an old-world charm and a personal touch that texts or emails often lack. They are a reflection of your thoughts and emotions, preserved in ink. Write to him about your shared moments, your admiration for him, your dreams, or simply about how his presence makes your day brighter. 

Your words don’t have to be grand; they just have to be sincere. The time and effort you put into penning your thoughts and emotions and your courage in sharing them with him are profound ways of expressing that you like him.

Be Honest

In a world where people often wear masks, honesty shines brightly. Being honest with your feelings doesn’t mean you must bear your heart at every opportunity. It’s about being true in your interactions, conversations, and actions. 

Speak your mind but do it respectfully. Share your feelings subtly, genuinely express your admiration, and tell him he’s special. Honesty also means acknowledging disagreements and differences and discussing them maturely. Let your sincerity be the thread that subtly conveys the message; I like him.

Show Genuine Respect

Respect is the cornerstone of any relationship. Cherish his individuality, acknowledge his perspectives, and give him space when needed. Respect isn’t just about agreeing with him all the time; it’s about having a mature understanding of differences. This expression of genuine respect is an effective way to imply.

Show Kindness

Kindness is a universal language of love. It goes beyond the barriers of language, culture, and personal differences. Kindness is not just about being nice to him; it’s about spreading warmth and compassion to everyone around you. 

Whether it’s by helping a stranger, being there for a friend in need, or just offering a smile to someone having a rough day, your acts of kindness will not go unnoticed. He’ll notice your empathetic nature, your generous heart, and your propensity to spread positivity.

Show Trust

Trust is a cornerstone of any relationship, be it friendship, family, or romantic relationship. When you trust him with your secrets, you tell him that you believe in his ability to understand, keep confidence, and offer support when needed. 

You’re allowing him into your inner world, making him a part of your private sanctuary. This level of trust isn’t built overnight, but each time you choose to share your thoughts, fears, or hopes with him, it reinforces this bond of trust, subtly signaling that you like him.

Make Him Feel Special

Everyone likes to feel special. It’s an innate human desire. So, let him know that he’s not just another person in your life. Compliment him, not just on his looks but also on his character, his intellect, and his talent. Celebrate his achievements and be there for him in his failures. Give him a thoughtful gift that shows you know his tastes and preferences. Organize a special day where you do things he loves. These efforts convey your deep interest in him, making him feel valued and special.

When the time is right, let him know, I like him
When the time is right, let him know, I like him

Spend Quality Time

Spending quality time together doesn’t necessarily mean planning extravagant dates or elaborate surprises. It can be as simple as watching a movie together, cooking a meal, going for a run, or just sitting quietly, watching the sunset. 

These shared experiences create memories, nurture your bond, and provide opportunities for you to understand him better. The more time you spend together, the more you’ll learn about his quirks, habits, dreams, and fears. Each shared moment subtly tells him about your feeling towards him.

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Accepting and understanding your feelings, as well as his, takes time. Do not rush things. Be patient with him, as he may need time to comprehend your feelings. Be patient with yourself, too, as you navigate your emotions. 

It’s okay if he doesn’t immediately catch on to your subtle signals. Keep showing him your genuine care and interest, but also give him the space to process things at his own pace. Remember, a strong, lasting bond is worth the wait, and patience is a subtle but clear way to express, I like him.

Be Yourself

There’s no better person you can be than yourself. Embrace your individuality, your quirks, your passions, and even your flaws. Let him see the real you, the you that laugh too loud at jokes, the you that love weird music, and the you that can be clumsy sometimes. Authenticity breeds attraction. 

The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more confident you will appear. And this confidence, this authenticity, will showcase your true feelings and resonate loudly with the message that you like him.

Say It Outright

After all the hints, gestures, and shared moments, it may be right to express your feelings directly. This can be a terrifying prospect. There’s a risk of rejection, a risk of changing the dynamics of your relationship. But, if you never express your feelings, you might always wonder, “What if?” Gather your courage, look him in the eye, and tell him that you like him. Your honesty and courage may earn his respect and open the door to a deeper connection.


Showing someone that you like them is an art that involves balance, patience, and authenticity. These strategies, from active listening to direct confession, offer a range of ways to subtly express your feelings. The underlying message in all these methods is your genuine interest, respect, and care for him.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to expressing your feelings; the journey may be filled with uncertainties and vulnerabilities. But by staying true to yourself and navigating this process with kindness and honesty, you’re likely to build a strong and meaningful bond, regardless of the outcome. The beauty of love is not just in attaining it but also in the act of expressing it. So, gather your courage, embrace your feelings, and let him know I like him when the time is right.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Know If I Like Him More Than a Friend?

You’ll know if you like him more than a friend, if you think about him constantly, if his happiness matters to you deeply, and if you’re interested in his life more than a typical friend would be. You may also feel a sense of excitement or nervousness around him.

I Like Him, But Does He Like Me?

Understanding whether he likes you can be challenging. However, common signs include him spending time with you, showing genuine interest in your thoughts and feelings, remembering small details about you, and treating you differently than others.

How Do I Show Him That I Like Him Without Being Too Obvious?

Express your feelings subtly. Spend quality time with him, listen to him attentively, show interest in his interests, and be supportive. Remember, small gestures can make a significant impact.

How Do I Deal with the Fear of Rejection?

Remember, it’s normal to fear rejection. However, it’s essential to understand that rejection is part of life, and it doesn’t define your worth. Stay positive, maintain your self-esteem, and no matter the response, be proud of your courage to express your feelings.

How Can I Tell Him I Like Him Over Text?

Texting can be a safe space to express your feelings. Be honest and direct, but keep it light. You could say something like, “I enjoy spending time with you, and I think I’m starting to like you more than a friend.”

What If Telling Him Ruins Our Friendship?

It’s a risk, but not telling him could also lead to regret. If you’re worried, you could test the waters by subtly incorporating the above strategies. If he reciprocates, it could be a sign to open up about your feelings.

How Long Should I Wait Before Telling Him That I Like Him?

There’s no set timeline for this. It depends on how comfortable you feel and whether you believe the feelings are reciprocal. Trust your instincts, and remember to be patient.

Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?

Absolutely, men and women can have a strong and healthy friendship. But it’s also natural for deeper feelings to develop over time. It’s essential to acknowledge these feelings and deal with them appropriately.

What If He Doesn’t Feel the Same Way?

That’s a possibility, and it’s okay. It’s better to express your feelings and know rather than wonder what could have been. It might hurt initially if he doesn’t feel the same way, but with time, you’ll heal and move forward. Remember, someone’s inability to see your worth doesn’t diminish your value.